(Standing Strong Spirit)

Bill Hill


Master of Social WorkLaurier University

Bachelor of Social WorkRyerson University

Bachelor of EducationBrock University

Registered Practical NurseFanshawe College


My name is Ro’nikonkatste (Standing Strong Spirit) Bill Hill. I am a registered social worker (RSW 811910), as well as a registered practical nurse (NSG HD08262) from Six Nations, currently living in London.

What you can expect from me:

The principles that guide my practice are…

Indigenous based, wise practice, and person centred.

My approach to helping might be…

Listening and Sharing. Using Medicines and Ceremony in tandem with Western treatment modalities.

Some of the gifts I carry are…

I am a Lodge Keeper, a Drum maker, a Shkaabewis (helper).

I have experience working with Indigenous people in the following areas…

Around the Fire, Sharing Circle, Fasting Ceremony, as well as Self Kindness and Identity Exploration.

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